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We specialize in captive bred garter snakes.  

Hello and welcome to our website.  This is the latest version... for now.  We specialize in quality captive bred garter snakes.  We work with a few different species and have normals and morphs.  We are always looking for new morphs and species.  Garter snakes are an often overlooked species in the reptile hobby.  Many breeders have started off their love of reptiles by catching garter snakes as a kid and keeping them.  Most move on to other reptiles.  Garter snakes are very easy to keep and are great for people just getting into the hobby or wanting an easy snake to keep.  They have a varied diet and are very cold tolerant snakes (one of the northernmost ranging up into Nova Scotia).  Over the last few years, new morphs have been found and new ones are being created.  Garters are also extremely varied in colors and patterns without the odd morph stuff. 
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Check out the News page for a few pics from our visit to our favorite wandering garter den site!!  Here’s a close up of one pair breeding on a tree branch.